Year : 2020 Volume : 35 Issue : 3

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Some Growth Parameters of Five Fish Species in the Lower Sakarya River, Turkey

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In this study, a total of 1283 samples of five fish species belonging to two families, Cyprinidae and Leuciscidae, were collected from the Lower Sakarya River between June 2017 and May 2018 in order to determine some growth parameters.The samples were collected monthly with trammel net, fykenets, and electro shocker. The age of the fish was determined from the scales. The von Bertalanffy's growth model was calculated Lt = 92.18(1-e-0.054(t+0.040)) for A. brama, Lt = 69.40(1-e-0.040(t+0.030)) for B. bjoerkna, Lt = 51.09(1-e-0.114(t+0.024)) for C. gibelio, Lt = 48.11(1-e-0.088(t+0.023)) for R. rutilus and Lt = 41.74(1-e-0.104(t+0.035)) for V. vimba. The phi-prime growth performance index (Φ') value was computed as 2.628, 2.268, 2.474, 2.307 and 2.260 for A. brama, B. bjoerkna, C. gibelio, R. rutilus and V. vimba, respectively. This study provides basic information on some growth parameters of five fish species living in the Lower Sakarya River. The results of this study are useful for fishery managements and stock assessment in the Sakarya River.


Age-and-growth   cyprinidae   leuciscidae   fishery-management   Sakarya-River  

Corresponding Author

İsmail Reis


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Daha Fazla Göster


DOI 10.26650/ASE2020650992

Submission : 26 Kas 2019

Early Viewed : 6 Nis 2020

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