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Kyphosis in Barbus pergamonensis (Cyprinidae-Actinopterygii) from Dalaman Stream flowing to the Mediterranean Sea

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Skeletal deformities are relatively well described in both cultured and wild fish. These diseases are observed in many fish species and occur due to environmental and genetic factors. It negatively affects the biological performance and commercial value of fish. For this reason, this study attempts to quantify and identify kyphosis in the natural populations of Barbus pergamonensis Karaman, 1971 collected from Dalaman Stream (Gölhisar/Burdur) and tends to find a possible relationship between these anomalies and several types of pollutants present in the environment. The current study found that the environmental pollutants may represent a potential risk to induce kyphosis in the natural populations of B. pergamonensis.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Bergama-barbel   pollution   skeletal-deformities   pharmaceutical   pesticide  

Sorumlu Yazar

Deniz Innal


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Daha Fazla Göster


DOI 10.26650/ASE2019545494

Submission : 27 Mar 2019

Early Viewed : 24 May 2019

Published : 24 May 2019

Tam Metin (PDF)