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Determination of Trace/Toxic Mineral Risk Levels for Different Aged Consumers of Three Fish Species Caught in the Marmara Sea

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The Marmara Sea is a semi closed fishing area in Turkey and has valuable fish species such as the common sole, black scorpionfish and horse mackerel. Domestic waste, generated by the population of over 25 million living in the coastal zone as well as industrial facilities in the region are the main causes of pollution in the Marmara Sea. In the current study, the levels of toxic metals (arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead) in samples of three fish tissue were analysed over a year-long period and compared with international results. The health risks for different age groups caused by the consumption of these fish were estimated. The results revealed that regular weekly consumption of sole and horse mackerel caught from the Marmara Sea posed health risks for child and youth populations. These fish species should be consumed more carefully due to potential arsenic-related hazards and carcinogenic risks for vulnerable consumer groups.

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DOI 10.26650/ASE2019604880

Submission : 9 Ağu 2019

Early Viewed : 30 Ara 2019

Tam Metin (PDF)