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The Length – Weight Relationship and maximum length of Umbrina cirrosa (Linnaeus, 1758)

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In this study, length-weight relationship of Umbrina cirrosa was determined in the Black Sea while giving a maximum length and weight record for this species. A total of 102 U. cirrosa were sampled by using trammel nets between 2018 and 2019 in the southern Black Sea. The mean length and the mean weight of the specimens were estimated as 32.4 cm ± 15.02 (4.8-94) and 613.1 g ± 962.69 (1.0-7051.1), respectively. One of the sampled species was measured as 94 cm in total length, weighed 7051.1 g, and was found to be 5 years old. These measurements prove this specimen to be the largest individual for the Turkish coasts. The length-weight relationship was described as W=0.009L3.0541 (R²=0.9962) with positive allometric growth for all individuals. This is the first study conducted for U. cirrosa in the Black Sea while the maximum size record is given for all Turkish coastal waters.

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Umbrina-cirrosa   length-weight-parameters   maximum-weight   maximum-total-length   Black-Sea   Turkey  

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DOI 10.26650/ASE2020699102

Submission : 5 Mar 2020

Published : 1 Eki 2020

Tam Metin (PDF)