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Effects of Salt/Sugar Brine Storage Solutions on Shelf Life of the Salted Atlantic Bonito

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In this study, Atlantic bonito was prepared as a salted traditional fish product known as Lakerda using the combined techniques of dry salting and brine salting. The product was preserved in brine containing 15% salt according to the traditional method and was analysed by comparison with 6.5% salt (Group A) and 6.5% salt-5% sugar (Group B) containing brine in cold storage. According to sensory analysis findings, Group A could be safely consumed from cold storage for 7 weeks and Group B for 9 weeks. The international acceptable limit values for analysis findings were not exceeded in both groups. However, the chemical and microbiological analysis results of the samples stored in the salt-sugar containing brine were found to be statistically lower than the salt-containing brine. It is concluded that the application of salt-sugar brine with acceptable results in terms of product safety and sensory properties can be recommended in the preservation of lakerda.

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Lakerda   brine   sugar   salt   shelf-life   Atlantic-Bonito  

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DOI 10.26650/ASE2020734449

Submission : 8 May 2020

Published : 1 Eki 2020

Tam Metin (PDF)